Advanced Metabolic Testing
What is advanced metabolic testing?

Advanced metabolic testing consists of comprehensive laboratory processes that examine specific physiological aspects of a patient’s body, such as metabolic efficiency and food sensitivity. From the data, our medical professionals can provide a clearer picture of the patient’s overall health status. This information helps us build a personalized action plan to address various medical issues and improve the patient’s quality of life.

What are the typical symptoms of people who choose advanced metabolic testing?

In general, people who want to check for specific data on their physical health seek advanced metabolic testing services. This can include people who experience chronic symptoms that remain unexplained, or people who want to improve the efficiency of their diet and exercise plans.

What are the benefits of advanced metabolic testing?

Unique factors such as genetics, metabolism, and food sensitivities can affect the machinery of the human body. Using the most up-to-date laboratory technology, advanced metabolic testing produces data on these and other specific factors. Medical professionals can use this data to detect the underlying causes of various medical symptoms and recommend more effective strategies for improving a patient’s health.

Advanced metabolic testing leverages the power of science and technology to help doctors build a plan of action that yields better results for the patient. Contact us to explore how advanced metabolic testing can improve your quality of life today.

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